Best & Safe Water Purifier For Your Home (Based on TDS level)

Water is important for life and one of the essential elements of human existence. Although in the modern era misuse of water bodies, growing population, industrial development, and environmental degradation have populated the water. As a result, installing the best water purifier is became a necessity rather than a luxury. But with so many options in the market with every brand (Livepure, Kent, AO Smith water purifier, Pureit, Aquagard, Eureka Forbes & LG water purifier) that claiming that their technology is the best. It’s really hard to choose a water purifier. But not anymore we briefly discuss the water purifier technologies available in the Indian market.

Technology used in Water purifiers ?

1st Techology is RO ( Reverse Osmosis)

The most common among all is RO that is reverse osmosis. For today most people water purifiers mean RO water purifier. It is a powerful & popular technology specially designed to purify the most contaminated, salty water in one single attempt. In the RO system, water passes under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane with a pore diameter as small as 0.0001 microns. This allows only water molecules to pass through it with such minute filtration 90% impurities, heavy metals, microorganisms, and minerals are removed from the water. And finally what you get is pure, sweet, transparent & demineralized water.

2nd Technology in NF (Nano Filtration)

Nanofiltration also works fairly under the same principle of reverse osmosis but with a small difference that is its pore size is 0.001 micron. That means it will be able to remove fewer impurities than RO. But unlike RO it does not change the taste and mineral content in the water.

3rd Technology is UF (Ultra Filteration)

Ultrafiltration is a technology that filters the water without use of electricity. This water passes through a hollow fiber membrane with a pore size of 0.01 micron. Through ultra filtration, we can remove the impurities from water without changing its natural mineral content. This technology is very similar to plant tissue absorbing water from dirty subsoil water. UF is much cheaper than RO but the downside of UF is that it does not work in places where there is very hard water.

Now the above technologies are recommended for removing solid and chemical impurities but not be able to kill tiny microorganisms because of which water purifiers are recommended along with UV.

4th Technology is UV (Ultra Violet Chamber)

In this, there is a chamber that uses a powerful UV lamp. When the water passes through the UV chamber, the UV rays in it kills the tiniest microorganism, bacteria, and virus making it completely fit for consumption.

As now you get to know about water purification technologies. The next question must be how to determine which technology is best for you and your family. The answer to this is very simple, all you need to a TDS meter which determines which water purification technology is best at your home.

What is TDS ?

TDS is the most misunderstood term in this space. As the term TDS means total dissolved solids is usually it is a measure of dissolved salts, metals, and other impurities in the water which also include minerals. TDS also includes the naturally occurring minerals in water like calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. One thing is clear that LOWER THE TDS, BETTER THE WATER is not true as most people think.

According to BIS (Bureau of Indian standards), Water with TDS upto 500 is safe for human consumption.

TDS LevelWater Type
TDS > 500Non Ideal (Hard Water)
TDS = 300 to 500Acceptable (May use it)
TDS = 100 to 300Ideal (Best for drinking)
TDS < 100Non Ideal (As it is devoid of most mineral)
**Based on TDS level of water

Today most people who drink package drinking water are thinking that they are drinking mineral water has TDS of 15 to 20 only. You can easily check this out at your home with a TDS meter.

RO is a phenomenal technology that was actually developed mainly for marines so that they can readily purify saltwater and can make it drinking water. RO was basically meant for survival, not for everyday home consumption. But some companies are just making money by creating fear among people a pure case of capitalism.

Which Technology is Best For Your Water Purifier ?

If your tap water TDS level is more than 900 only then you should go with a RO based water purifier. Surely you will lose out all minerals. But you have no choice due to poor water quality. Although you can make up for the minerals to some extend by storing the RO water in clay pots or copper jugs. Yes, clay and copper has the property to dissociate its mineral content to water. That helps to improve the quality of water significantly.

Tap Water TDS LevelFilter technology use
if TDS < 300Use UF + UV
if 900 > TDS > 300Use NF + UV
if TDS > 900Use RO + UV
**Based on TDS level of tap water of your home

Some of the most genuine water purifiers you can buy them based on your TDS of your tap water. So it is extremely necessary to drink pure water as it reduces the toxic burden on the body and keeps us away from diseases. But it is even more important to buy a water purifier. As today so many came with so many products. But we need to smart enough to choose the right water purifier for our home and office.

Best Water Purifier for Your Home ?

With a huge variety of water purifiers present in the Indian market. We have listed some of the best water purifier categories on the basis of your home tap water TDS level.

LG Water Purifier (Puricare) RO + Mineral Booster (if TDS > 900)

This is one of the best RO based water purifiers in the Indian market. This LG water purifier comes with the name of purchase which is a RO based water purifier with a mineral booster. As already discussed above that in RO technology you lose mineral from water. So purifier will help you with some instant. If your home tap water TDS level is above 900 then you should go with this LG Water Purifier. This water purifier has dual protection stainless steel tank.

  • Colors Available: Black
  • Tank Capacity: 8-Litres
  • Warranty: 1 year on Product
  • Power: 40 watts 230V
  • Price : Check on Amazon

A.O.Smith Water Purifier UV (Ultra Violet) + UF (Ultra Fine) (if TDS < 300)

This is another one of the best and safe water purifiers based on UV & UF technology. This AO Smith water purifier comes with the name of X2. This technology purifier is the best option if your tap water TDS level is less than 300. These purifier does not remove the minerals from water which is best for consumption. So if your tap water TDS is less than 300 than you must go with UV & UF based AO Smith water purifier instead of RO based purifier.

  • Colors Available: Black
  • Power: 60 watts
  • Material Tank Type : Virgin food grade ABS
  • Price: Check on Amazon

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