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The pollution levels are increasing day by day at a rapid rate in the whole world along with this global warming is also affecting our earth very badly and now it is really needed to take care of your skin as our skin is very sensitive and it can get affected easily by the pollution and the changing climate. The high temperature and dust outside are causing a lot of skin damage and we need to keep ourselves safe. As a girl we believe that using a chemical cosmetic is not a good option.

As homemade beauty products & homemade skin care products are much better and safer than readymade products. As we can say homemade cosmetic product are absolutely chemicals free so you can easily rely on it and use it without any risk. The other important benefit of using homemade facepacks is that you can save your lot of money and you can get scar-free skin very easily without wasting your time and money at salon/beauty parlor easily at your homes. So in this article you will get to know the best beauty treatment and skin care tips.

Best Face Packs For All Skin Types

Beauty Treatment at Home

It’s better to use homemade facepacks rather than using ready-made face packs which contains many chemicals that are not good for your soft skin. So in this post, is the list of some of the best face packs that you can easily make at your homes

Homemade facepacks for instant glow and clear skin

1. Coffee powder, Milk and rose water face pack

As mentioned above this face pack is basically for getting glow and shine instantly. By applying it for a few minutes(about 5 minutes) you can get the glow on your skin. Best beauty treatment at your home.

  • Coffee powder (1-2 tablespoon)
  • Raw Milk (1.5 tablespoons)
  • Rose water
  • Glycerine ( if you have dry skin)(optional)

Take some spoons of coffee powder in a bowl after that add some rose water, raw milk(or boiled milk) and few drops of glycerine (optional) in it. Mix them properly till it becomes a paste Apply it gently on your face and then wash it after a few minutes with normal water when the pack gets dry. You will observe changes and glow instantly on your face from the first use

2. Fullers Earth(Multani mitti), rose water and papaya juice face pack

Here is another face pack for instant glow that you can make easily within few minutes

  • fuller earth(Multani mitti)(1-2 tablespoon )
  • rose water
  • papaya juice
  • potato juice(optional)(if you have dark circles)

Firstly take Multani mitti in a bowl then add rose water, papaya juice . Papaya juice contains Vitamin A that helps in clearing dead skin cells and provides instant hydration and glow and then add 1 tablespoon of potato juice(optional). Potato juice will help in reducing your dark circle. Mix all these things properly till it becomes a paste then apply it gently on your face. When the pack dries wash it with water.

Homemade facepacks for oily skin

1. Multani mitti , rose water and lemon juice

This face pack is best for those who have oily skin .By applying this face pack you can get relief from excess oil that is released by your face

  • Multani mitti(Fullers Earth)
  • Rose water
  • lemon juice(1 tablespoon)

Take fullers earth(Multani Mitti) in a bowl then add rose water and lemon juice in it Mix all these things properly till it becomes a paste then apply it gently on your face. When the pack dries wash it with water.

2. Turmeric powder,curd and Gram flour(besan) pack

This face pack best suits to those who have oily skin these three ingredients together are very helpful in removing excess dirt and oil from your face.

  • Gram Flour(1-2 tablespoons)
  • Curd
  • Turmeric powder(small pinch)
  • Lemon juice(optional)(if your skin is too much oily)

Firstly take gram flour in a bowl then add curd, turmeric powder, and lemon juice(optional) in it. Lemon juice helps in removing oil from your face. Mix all these things properly till it becomes a paste then apply it gently on your face. When the pack dries wash it with water

Homemade facepacks for dry skin

1. Chandan powder(Sandalwood powder), Rosewater and Lemon juice pack

Here is another face pack for oily skin which is really going to help you a lot. Chandan powder and honey are very good ingredients for your skin as they keep your skin cool and oil-free

  • Chandan Powder(1-2 tablespoons)
  • Rosewater
  • Honey(1 tablespoon)

Firstly take Chandan powder (1-2 tablespoon) in a bowl(if you have sandalwood instead of sandalwood powder then rub the sandalwood(Chandan) on any rough surface with few drops of milk(or raw milk))then add rose water and few drops of honey in it. Mix them properly till it becomes a paste then apply it on your face and wash it after a few minutes(when the pack gets dry).

2. Olive oil, Papaya juice and Multani mitti(fullers Earth) pack

The next face pack on the list is an olive oil face pack. Olive oil has been always used as a pantry cure for dry skin, olive oil has intense moisturizing property. this Mediterranean food contains fatty acids in a large amount that is needed for the dry skin. It also contains palmitic, linoleic, and oleic acids which keep your skin hydrated.

  • Multani mitti
  • olive oil
  • papaya juice

Firstly take Multani mitti in a bowl then add few drops of olive oil and papaya juice as it contains potassium that serves as a moisturizer and removes dullness. This pack will not only moisturize your skin but also removes dullness from the skin

Homemade facepacks to remove pimples and acne

1. Aloe vera, orange powder, tea tree oil, and lemon juice pack

Aloe vera face pack is perfect for those who have pimples and acne on their skin as aloe vera is a very good cleanser, it will help in boosting the blood flow in the skin and it will also kill harmful bacteria so there will be no chance of any pimple on your face and you will get relief from pimple and itching caused due to pimple and acne from first use

  • aloe vera
  • orange powder(1-2 tablespoons)
  • tea tree oil
  • lemon juice

Firstly take 1-2 tablespoon of orange powder(or take Multani mitti) in a bowl then add 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel few drops of tea tree oil as tea tree oil contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which is very good for calming acne and pimples and then add lemon juice(optional) in it.

Note:-You can apply tea tree oil along with coconut oil or almond oil on your face which will help in curing pimples and acne. Use these oils on your face before going to bed.

2. Multani Mitti, turmeric powder, and rosewater pack

the turmeric face pack is another wonderful face pack to cure acne and pimple as turmeric contains anti-inflammatory qualities that can easily target on your pores and calms your skin from pimples and acne.

  • Multani Mitti (1-2 tablespoons)
  • turmeric powder
  • rose water

firstly take Multani mitti in a bowl then add a pinch of turmeric powder and rose water in it .mix them well till it becomes a paste then apply it on your face and then wash it after a few minutes.

Note:-You can also use Chandan powder along with rosewater and milk(or raw milk) as Chandan powder helps in keeping your skin cool and hydrated so it will also help in preventing the formation of pimples on your skin

Homemade facepacks for sensitive skin

1. Besan(Gram flour), rose water, turmeric powder pack

Turmeric powder pack is very helpful in reducing sensitivity from your skin as it contains many anti-inflammatory properties. By using this face pack daily you can get the best beauty treatment and relief from your sensitive skin within a week.


  • besan(Gram Flour)
  • Rosewater
  • turmeric powder
  • milk(optional)

Firstly take 1-2 tablespoon of besan in a bowl then add a pinch of turmeric powder, rose water, and milk(optional) in it. Mix them well till it becomes a paste and apply it on your face and wash it after a few minutes

2. Almond oil, Chandan powder and rosewater pack

Here in the list is almond oil face pack which is very helpful in curing sensitive skins.Almond oil face pack helps in making the skin smooth and healthy


  • Chandan powder
  • Almond oil
  • rose water
  • Milk(optional)

Take Chandan powder in a bowl then add few drops of almond oil, rose water, and milk in it. Mix it well till it becomes a paste then apply it on your face and then wash it after a few minutes.




Khadi is one of the best and famous brands in the ayurvedic cosmetic industry and this glycerine from khadi omorose contains pure glycerine which helps you to get soft and glowing skin. Using glycerine daily on your skin especially in winter helps in getting glowing skin

2. Khadi Brand – Natural Rose Water Herbal Skin Toner


This is one of the 100% natural rose water from Khadi brand. Which usually derived from best quality and fresh rose petal by steam distillation. You can also use this brand rose water as a skin toner just by dispensing an adequate amount of this toner on a cotton pad or ball. After that you can peaceably apply it on your face.

3. Old Tree Multani Mitti (Fuller Earth ) Powder


Best product for your skin care. Fuller Earth from the brand Old Tree contains 100% Natural clay (no chemicals used). This fuller earth(Multani Mitti) is ideal for extra oily skin types and for acne.

4. KRIWIN ® Set of 2 Pcs Mysore Chandan/ Sandalwood Stick


The pack of two sandalwoods sticks comes from Mysore which is famous for its best quality sandalwood and also it has a very natural fragrance. Sandalwood is one of the best beauty treatment products that can be applied to the face for skin benefits and relaxation. The best product to get a beauty treatment at your home itself.

5. Urban Botanics Brand – Pure Cold Pressed Olive Oil For Hair, Skin


If you are looking for 100% best and natural oilve oil then you can go with this Urban Botanics Olive Oil. This olive oil is used as a natural moisturizer. As Urban Botanics oil contains essential fatty acids that are the basic requirement of our skin & hairs. It also keeps your skin hydrated and prevents it from getting dry. And also helps to keeps your skin hydrated. This oil is also a very commonly used as a makeup remover.

6. Indus Valley Organic Orange Peel Powder


Orange peel powder from the brand Indus valley is 100% organic and made from the dried peel of the orange. It is absolutely pure and also it does not any added chemicals It acts as a natural suntan remover and skin toner. it also helps in skin lightening. Best product for your skin care.

7. Tea Tree Essential Oil For Hair, Skin And Acne Care From Old Tree Brand


The Old tree is another most trusted name for providing 100% natural herbal and organic beauty treatment products.

This Tea Tree oil from this brand Old Tree is also one of the best product. As it is completely pure & it contains 100 % natural essential oil. Tea tree oil is most commonly used to cure acne and pimples. And it is also very beneficial for your skin and hair.

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