Best Hair Serum For Women | How To Use Hair Serum | Uses & Benefits

Going to a hair salon daily is not possible & sometimes it becomes very expensive. But without going to a salon you can get salon-like hairs by using a good serum. Hair serum is not only an affordable product & by using it you can daily get a salon finish hair. There are some of the famous brands that are not only affordable but you can also get the perfect salon-like shiny & smooth hairs by using them. They are livon hair serum, loreal hair serum, matrix hair serum & streax hair serum. These brands are known for their good quality products & these brands are also very trustworthy so you can easily rely on them.

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In this article, we have listed the best hair serum in India, the benefits of hair serum & how to use a hair serum. Also with this, you get to know about the best hair serum for women according to your hair type.

What is a Hair Serum?

It is is a silicon-based product that coats the surface of your hair that penetrates the hair and causes changes to the hair structure there are many types and brands of hair serum available nowadays that you can try and figure out which one works best for your hair type

Uses & Benefits of Hair Serum

  • If you need to give your hairs a salon-like finish then serum is very useful
  • It also protects your hair as it creates a shield around your hair protecting it from the harsh rays of the Sun
  • It protects from dust, pollution all of these things which actually harm your hair so that is one of the main reasons why we use a serum
  • Make sure you are using the right type of serum on your hair that perfectly suits your hair and also makes sure you’re using the right quantity as it can harm your hair you do not need a lot you just need a few drops like one or two drops. Using a lot of serum can also make your hair sticky & oily.

How to Use a Serum?

  1. Before Shower: the first way of using a hair serum 10 to 15 minutes before going in for a hair wash so this helps in reducing the frizz from their hair while they are even washing their hair and conditioning it
  2. Apply on dripping wet hair: the second way of using a hair serum is after conditioning your hair while your hair is dripping wet you take a small amount of hair serum on your palm and then you spread it evenly across your palm and then apply it through your hair it does help in a way to cut out the fridge but you will lose a lot of product when you are taking off the extra water from your hair also when your kind of towel drying your hair using all that product and you have to use the product again after that step but those who have a lot of frizziness in their hair then this is the best way to reduce it

Step by Step Tutorial

Following steps must be followed to apply hair serum properly

  • You can use any of your serum in small amount and make sure you just stick to using small amounts if you feel the need to use a little more you can use it later but just don’t apply too much of it otherwise it will make your hair very sticky oil
  • Take a small amount of serum on your Palm start by rubbing both your palms together so that the serum is equally spread out on your palm and then comb through your hair from the midsection of your head so that the serum is evenly distributed through the hair
  • just make sure your entire hair is forward so that you don’t leave any parts out now

Best Hair Serum In India

Here is the review of Top 5 Best Hair Serums available in India.

L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil Hair Serum for Women and Men, 100 ml


Loreal Paris serum gives your hair luscious, lightweight hair oil serum for dry, rough&, lifeless hair – You can experience transformation from the 1st use only!

Hair Type : normal hair, dry hair, dull hair, rough hair, frizzy hair & damaged hair

  • It comes in a glass bottle which is very sleek or although you have to be a little bit more careful to handle it as it’s a glass bottle
  • The glass has a very classy & luxurious look
  • The pump of the bottle comes with a lock so basically, you can just twist the pump and lock it and also twist it again to unlock it so that’s pretty convenient if you want to travel with the bottle so it’s not going to leak anywhere
  • How to use–you can use this before shampooing, you can use this before you use your curling irons and your straightener you can also use this product in your daily routine as a finishing touch to enhance shine and also as an overnight treatment for your hair
  • the only thing that you have to be careful about is to not apply it to the hair roots
  • It’s super smooth, super slippery and smooth but it’s not oily & greasy it’s also not heavy and it has a very mild fragrance not too scented not very heavily scented it has a very very mild lingering fragrance which is the best part about this product
  • It also has a heat protectant for up to 230 degrees
  • it’s very important to use a heat protectant before using any kind of styling equipment on my hair and a product that not only protects my hair from all the heat but also controls frizz and adds shine

Streax Hair Serum for Women & Men


Streax Hair Serum can be used by both men & women. It contains many essential elements in it like Walnut Oil that gives instant shine & smoothness to your hair

Hair Type: Dry & Wet Hair 

  • It gives shine to your hair if you have dehydrated and damaged hair
  • Works very well on the hair as it contains walnut oil it nourishes your hair while controlling the frizz for a long period of time
  • if you are looking for a serum that can detangle and smoothen your hair and add some shine then this product will fully satisfy you
  • Streax products are known to deliver the best class quality product.
  • and it also adheres to Indian BIS quality standards and FDA norms

MATRIX Biolage 6 In 1 Smooth Proof Deep Smoothing Serum, 100 ml


MATRIX Biolage 6 In 1 Smooth Proof Deep Smoothing Serum is one the best hair serum for your hair as it smoothens and controls the frizziness

Hair Type : Dry hair

  • It comes in a tube-like bottle and its body is orange in color
  • This serum contains avocado and it has a cap which is quite tight so it’s travel friendly too
  • It controls the frizziness and adds an intense shininess
  • Nourishes your dry hair and instantly detangles as well and it smoothens the rough ends
  • Protects your hair from the humidity
  • Removes the detangle hair really well and provides a shiny and healthy look to your hair and it’s perfectly a non-sticky product and it gets quite absorbed into your hair by giving your hair shine
  • it’s quite a lightweight and can be used on a dry hair and it’s good for daily use as well

Livon Serum for Women, 100 ml


Livon Serum for Women gives 24 Hour Frizz-free hair & also smoothens it. It is enriched with Argan Oil & Vitamin E, 100 ml

Hair Type : Dry & Rough Hair

  • Specially made for Dry & Rough Hair
  • It contains Moroccan argan oil extracts, which helps in hydrating your hair without giving any limpness
  • Gives an Intense Smoothness for 24 Hours with a few drops of it
  • It instantly eliminates frizz giving your hair the much-needed smoothness
  • Brings back much-needed volume control
  • It gives your hair smooth, salon-like Finish Hair

Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum, 120ML


Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing Serum is known for reducing Falling Hair & also promotes Intensive Hair Growth Treatment.

Hair Types: For damaged hair & hair fall

  • Helps in stimulating hair growth.
  • Leaves your hair scalp exhilarated
  • It smells very good like a typical ayurvedic product
  • It is water-based serum not like any other hair serum.
  • Recommended applying on your scalp. If you have thin hair your hair may stick with your scalp.
  • It is quite good at controlling frizzy hair.

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