5 Best Cookware for Healthy Cooking - Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron Cookware

Which Utensil do you use for cooking? Are you using non-stick pans, aluminum vessels to cook your food or pressure cooker is the part of your daily cooking. If yes then you might unknowingly invite serious health issues like hypothyroidism, loss of memory, a complication of heart, and even cancer. So which is the safest cookware in the Indian market? Coming up with another side

Most people nowadays well aware of the importance of eating healthy however may not know that the cookware that you use is just as important. A cooking utensil is much more important than what you might think it to be. When cooking utensils is heater definitely some part of it leaches into the food. Even a healthy diet can cause serious health problems like constipation, skin problems, lack of energy, paralysis, and liver problem, and heart complication, brain disorder if your pans are toxic. So to make things simpler for you we have examined the most commonly available cookware in Indian markets on the basis of how safe they are for cooking.

Best Cookware Categories Present In Indian Market

Here, we have divided cookwares into 4 categories based on its quality and safety.

Non Stick Cookware1st Category

These non stick cookwares more than 90% of urban Indian homes use non stick cookware. In the market, you will find most of the cookware present has a non stick coating on it. As this non stick coating makes it is very convenient to use. As it is easy to use, clean and less oil required for cooking. But did you know that it is the most dangerous? As once a German man, complain regarding non-stick cookware company that toxic fume produce form non-stick cookware kills his parrot. Most non stick pans are coated with Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene a plastic polymer also known as Teflon.

When you cook in Teflon and you see smoke coming up out of the pan. If you trap that smoke and do a lab test you will find so many toxic chemicals in that. These toxic fumes can seriously damage to the brains and lungs. Some cheap non stick cookware may also have a chemical called PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) which is life-threatening as it can stay in the body for long. After numerous researches, it has been linked to cancer. After this also this cookware is still not banned in India. So if you are looking for healthy food then non stick pan must not enter your kitchen.

Aluminum Cookware2nd Category

Again one of the most commonly used cooking utensils made of aluminum in our Indian kitchen. Aluminum cookware is very popular in the Indian market as it is abundantly available, cheap, strong, lightweight, versatile, good thermal conductor, and recyclable. Today aluminum has become the most commonly used commercial cooking utensil.  But unfortunately aluminum is toxic. The problem is that when we cook in aluminum vessels it slowly leaches in the food. In fact, you can check this at your home, buy a new aluminum utensil, and do its weight. Start using it for daily cooking and after 3 years wait again. You will find a considerable decrease in the weight of the vessel. This is because most aluminum enters the food while cooking. Aluminum is a Thyro Toxic metal that gets deposited in the body. Using aluminum in cooking may lead to a serious complications of the heart, kidney, and brain.

Stainless steel cookware / Ceramic cookware – 3rd Category

Another common option in the Indian market is stainless steel and ceramic cookware. 100% stainless steel is definitely a better choice from the option discuss above that is category 1 and 2. Although it too has hidden dangers you might have come across of stainless steel vessel with a copper bottom. No doubt copper is a good conductor of heat but it is generally not recommended for cooking. As it tends to react with the oil and acidic food. Certain stainless steel has an excessive amount of nickel to provide extra shine. It should be avoided as nickel is highly toxic. The ratio of chromium: nickel of stainless steel which decides how safe it is for cooking. The lesser amount of nickel the safer it is for cooking.

Taking about ceramic cookware, It is 100% safe but the problem is that it is so hard to find and expensive. Most so-called ceramics cookware is not more than its coating over aluminium.

Cast Iron Cookware / Brass Cookware / Glass Cookware / Bronze Cookware – 4th Category

These are among safer option available in Indian market for cooking. However they do have certain limitations  

  • Cast iron is very heavy and prone to rusting and if you are cooking in rusted vessels that means you are allowing toxic to enter inside your body. If you are ready to take care of cast iron then it will the best option for healthy cooking.
  • Brass cookware is another great option. According to Indian tradition, brass utensils need to re-tinned (Kalai) for use. Food cooked in such brass utensils will retain 93% nutrition. On another hand, if food cooked in aluminum utensils it retains only 13% nutrition. A little downside of brass cookware is that it is a little difficult to wash.
  • Glass cookware is ideal for microwave cooking.
  • Bronze cookware another alloy metal is commonly known as Kansa metal is best in this category. Food cooked in bronze cookware retains 97% nutrition. It is widely used in India around 30-40 years back. But unfortunately, it is rarely available in the market now. If you can get it it will be the best option for you.

Conclusion :

If you want the healthiest and safe cookware for your home than category 4 will be the best option for you. You can go with cast iron, brass, bronze cookware. Otherwise, you can go with category 3. As it is also acceptable if you are not able to go with category 4.

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