5 Products Which You Must Throw Out of Your Homes

In this article, we are going to share 6 things (Household items) which you must immediately throw out of your home. Even though these things remain always in front of us but they remain unnoticed. But during the research of this article, we have found they are very toxic for our health. These 6 products are very commonly used in every household in India. So much so that we must assure that out of these 6 products you are using at least 3 products daily. Products like floor cleaner, aluminum foils, room freshener. We will discuss why they are so damaging and harmful to us. And how you can switch to healthy alternate which is also easily available in the market.

India has been primarily known for its holistic solutions for personal and environmental health. But due to westernization, we have jumped to convenient solutions. Is switching to convenience with the cost of health is not a right choice. So in this article, we have mentioned the TOP 5 PRODUCTS which you must stop using them or replace them with safe alternatives.

1st Room Freshener

Starting from the list, the product which you must absolutely throw out of your home is an artificial room fresheners spray. Who doesn’t like a nice fragrant room? But this aromatic experience with the cost of health is not really good. Have you ever check what really goes in making these room freshener. These room fresheners which we keep on spraying in our homes is generally a liquefied petroleum gas with along cheap ingredients like LPG, ISO propyl alcohol & fragrance. This room freshener has long term side effects. These artificial fragrances may have over 200 undisclosed chemicals which may result in skin allergies, headache, asthma & even cancer

Alternative Safe Option For Room Fresheners

If you really need a healthy fragrance in your home, offices, car you can switch to traditional ways of using essential oils for fragrance.

Buy a lamp burner online and put your favorite essential oil & enjoy a soothing aromatic experience.

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2nd Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a product that we think made with good intentions. As now it used in our day to day life. Basically hand sanitizers are made for use when no access to water but not for casual use. Hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based sanitizer that even kills the healthy bacteria which are useful for skin protection. Using an excess of hand sanitizer is also very harmful to our skins.

Alternative Safe Option for Hand Sanitizer

If you have easy access to water at that time you must skip to hand sanitizer and wash your hand with water & soap which is more beneficial. Hand sanitizers must only be used at the time when there is no access to water.

3rd Dish Washer Liquid

Over 90% of Indian household uses Vim dish liquid to clean their utensils. With washing with vim dish liquid you are serving yourself sulphates & EDTA’s with food. This is because sulphate particles are so tiny that they stick to the surface of utensils after washing. Not just Vim most commercial brands are using sulphate cleansers which are very harmful to our health. If you are using such products then we recommend stop using such products which slowly damages internal organs.

Alternative Safe Option For Dish Wash Liquid

You can switch to natural products by using Rustic Art is a great option which is a natural & organic dish wash liquid. Rustic Art dish wash liquid made with 100% natural certified organic ingredients is the best option you can go with. Another toxic-free dish wash liquid is Strategi dish wash liquid. It is another toxic free & natural dish wash liquid which you can go with.

Rustic Art Natural & Organic Dish Wash Concentrate

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Naturedrop Strategi Herbal Liquid Dish Wash

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4th Aluminum Foils

Today majority of people pack their foods in aluminum foils, even young mothers pack their kid’s lunch in aluminum foil without knowing its harmful effects. As per the report, aluminum is the most hazardous metal known to humankind with respect to food. It is convenient so nowadays it is widely used in food wrapping. As it is told that when hot food is wrapped in aluminum foil or even food is cooked in aluminum cookware, then aluminum leaches into food, and when we eat this aluminum leached food, then it disturbs the internal working of our body. Aluminum is a Thyro Toxic Metal that usually gets deposited in the body. Y

According to research thyroid cases are increasing due to aluminum deposition in the body moreover aluminum eats up the zinc in the body resulting in zinc deficiency in the body. Zinc is needed in the body in the production of testosterone in the male. Deficiency of which results in slow muscle growth, slow beard growth, low energy even sexual immaturity. Not only this wrapping food in aluminum causes serious complications of the brain, kidney, and heart. You must immediately remove aluminum foils from your household items.

Alternative Safe Option For Aluminum Foils

Use muslin clothes, it is a traditional way of wrapping food which remains untouched with external materials. The benefits of muslin clothes are –

  • This muslin cloth does not leach any chemicals into the food.
  • It is healthy for brain development. As there is not toxic present
  • It also ensures proper hormonal balance.
  • And optimum bone density.

5th Floor cleaner

Lizol Floor Cleaner
Today in every household items floor cleaners are widely used. But using a toxic floor cleaner can also result in serious health issues. As first it might sound silly to you but picture yourself in a room which has toxic molecules floating around and you are sitting there for 10-12 hours and inhaling them continuously and this usually doing daily. How damaging it can be as it starts with a simple headache but later it really gets more serious. That what happening most floor cleaners in India has toxic compounds that result in indoor air get more polluted as compared to outdoor by a survey. It is because of small VOC particles (Volatile organic compounds) that come out of floor cleaners. But in the Indian market, we have some safe floor cleaners also.

Alternative Safe Option For Floor Cleaner

This Patanjali Gonyle floor is the best safe alternative to all other floor cleaners.

This Patanjali Gonyle floor cleaner is 100% safe from volatile organic compounds. It is made from cow urine, pine oil, eucalyptus oil & others. It is absolutely free from all harsh chemicals. We recommend you to use this safe floor cleaner. You can add this Patanjali Gonyle in your household items.

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